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North Dakota Government

ND Supreme Court

ND Legislative Branch

ND Governor’s Office

ND Attorney General’s Office

ND Association of Counties


North Dakota Resources

ND Century Code

ND Administrative code

ND Administrative hearing procedure

ND State Court Approved Forms

ND Sex offender web site

ND Corporations

ND Dept of Human Services, children and family services manuals - Covers child abuse and neglect procedures

ND Commission on legal counsel for the indigents

ND manual on uniform traffic control devices

NDDOCR sentence calculator page

NDDOCR contacts for probation officers


Jury Instructions

ND Jury Instructions

Massive Collection of Jury Instructions from FORECITE National™

7th Circuit

8th Circuit

11th Circuit



New York


Guidance for prosecutors

ABA's criminal justice section's Criminal Justice Standards:

USDOJ's criminal resource manual - Contains ideas for how to handle joining, severing, charging

National District Attorney’s Associations Prosecution Standards

Trial Techniques for Criminal Attorneys - Caution – Some questionable ethical practices but some good examples too

National Traffic Law Center (NTLC) Resource Guide for prosecutors and traffic safety professionals



State Bar Association of North Dakota's Ethics opinions

Links to all state's ethics rules and opinions from the ABA

ABA service that provides fundamental links for ethics questions and more

Lawyer Assistance Program


Prosecutor Well-Being

NDAA Prosecutor Well-being Task Force

Small Steps to Well-being

Optmizing our Response to Stress

Toolbox Tip: Transition Rituals Transmission Fluid for the Brain

An Attitude of Gratitude

When the Bough Breaks - One Prosecutor's Journey Through Secondary Trauma

Blueprint for a Vicarious Trama-Informed Organization

Blueprint for a Vicarious Trauma-Informed Organization | The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit | Where Do We Begin? (

The Path to Lawyer Well-Being

The Report – Institute For Well-Being In Law (

Prosecutor' Center for Excellence

Home - Prosecutors' Center for Excellence (


Forms and Samples

Examples of Jury Questionaires from major national cases.

A practical guide to the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA):

Free Credit Report site for Victims of identity theft

Legal Forms, pay for them

Jury Process for non-Lawyers

Helpful Link for Understanding Basic Jury Process




Interactive State Map for DUI Stats and Laws



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